Why Choose Alton

Highly Accessible, With Direct Interaction

Our customer service is highly accessible – reach us any time from 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday-Friday. Unlike other agencies with oversized teams or endless layers of account staff, at Alton you’ll speak face-to-face with committed individuals working with you to meet your needs.

Personalised, Hands-On Service

We work within a relaxed, honest company culture, and this carries over to the way we interact with clients. Our small team works efficiently in an open office environment to provide direct, honest and personalised service to all our clients.

Versatile and Adaptable

Alton has extensive experience in labour hire for the food manufacturing, warehousing, and cold storage industries. We provide high-quality labourers, pickers, packers, forklift drivers, process workers, trade personnel and more!

While we often begin by supplying blue-collar labour to our clients, this may later move into office and administration personnel, depending on client needs.

Convenient, Time-Saving Service

You’re busy running your business – so let us take care of the details. With Alton there’s no need to shuffle through hundreds of resumes, as we short-list suitable candidates to save you time.

What’s more, our time-keeping system accurately and efficiently displays invoicing data for you to monitor and approve – before it’s automatically processed immediately after payroll is finished.

Our Personnel are Vetted in Advance

We oversee a multi-step qualification process to vet our candidates in advance, in order to ensure they’re always a good fit for clients. Candidates are interviewed off-site and their role explained, but only after they successfully pass various pre-employment checks/tests such as Alton’s Basic English, Mathematics and OH&S test, Reference Checks, Visa Entitlement Checks. Following these steps, candidates are given a site tour and introduced to the client to ensure they are fully aware of what the job entails. Each candidate is then provided a Letter of Offer before employment commencement, clearly stating the position, rates of pay, hours of work and the correct reporting procedures – so candidates arrive at work already understanding exactly what’s expected of them.